Shannon Gagnon

Artistic Practice

Shannon is an emerging artist,  currently residing in Toronto, ON.  She draws what she sees: the people in her life and their emotions; the plants that inspire; sculptures that sensate. Vibrancy is brought through colour and shape. 

She has always dabbled in different media: her amassment of various skills is a huge joy in Shannons' life. Painting and drawing (in however they take form) have always been cornerstone to her practice, although recently she's been playing around with cyanotypes and soapstone carving. Stay tuned.

Get in touch through my contact page  to discuss rates, scheduling and more. I'm always happy to collaborate.

Archival Practice

Shannon is an archivist by profession and resides in Toronto, Canada. She hold a Masters degree in Film Preservation + Collections Management (Ryerson University) and my undergraduate in Art History + Visual Studies (the University of Toronto). 

Shannon's Master's thesis investigated how Linked Open Data (LOD) can be integrated as a preservation method for contextual metadata of web-streamed performances. The case study examined the net art piece ReverieNoise City (2005) hosted by the Western Front (Vancouver, BC). Part of her research was to develop an ad hoc guide for small artist run + community arts centres for developing LOD and adding their records to the Semantic Web.

Currently Shannon works at the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre as the Collections and Digital Infrastructure Coordinator. She is also working on a database build  for FADO Performance Art Centre for their performance documentation.

Shannon is a skilled film handler, especially small gauge film and magnetic media (primarily MiniDV, Betacam, and Umatic tape). She is deeply inquisitive into these material objects and their ever-degrading states and guides her current workings with our newer, digital objects. 

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